VM App Creation Service

Do you need a mobile app for your business or organization?

Packed with features yet affordable!

Flat Rate - $135 a year.

Includes both Android and iOS apps

Google Play and Apple App Store publishing included

Modules / Features Available

Audio Players

Your choice of the built in native audio player, or we will host at no extra charge an HTML5 player for your ShoutCast / IceCast stream.

Display Web Pages

Display web pages directly within the app.

YouTube Videos

Link directly to your own YouTube channel or playlist to provide a direct link to your users.

Form Submissions

Include forms within the app so users can directly submit data requests to you.

RSS Feeds

Do you utilize RSS feeds?  Include those directly in your app.

Social Media

Provide direct links to your social media.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr.

Push Notifications

Send Push notifications to your users with direct links to portions of your app, or a website.

E-Commerce Functions

Include merchandise, products, or services within your app.

Many more features available

Screenshots of an actual app

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The Fine Print!

Okay, here is the “fine print” for this offer, just so you know ahead of time what the expectations are.

$135 US Dollars

Keep in mind that you are paying $135 for this app, not $5000.  So there will be some limitations as to what we can do, but you will get an app that will look professional and will incorporate as many of your requests as we can.    Working together, we can produce an app that you will be happy with.

The $135 is an annual fee and includes publishing to both Android and iOS app stores.  No extra charge.

NO, we will NOT start throwing additional charges at you after you “sign on the dotted line”.  The $135 fee is all inclusive.  Though, tips are always welcome.

You will be working with us directly for the design and modules for your app.  However, we are a 3rd party reseller for a mobile app creation service, so while we are going to be doing the “leg work” and we are considered to be ‘project developers’ and will actually be making the changes to the app, any technical limitations are that of the mobile app service.

“If you are just a 3rd party reseller, can’t I just contact the services myself?”  Yes, absolutely, and if that is the direction you would like to go, we will gladly give you the information on how to contact them yourself.  HOWEVER, you will pay more than twice the amount we are charging.  The standard fee for their service is $300 per year PLUS you have to have an Apple Developer account to publish an iOS app which costs $99 a year.  So how can we offer it cheaper?  Simply because we “bought” a block of apps that have already been pre-paid, so now we can offer those at a reduced price to you and pass on affordable savings.  Plus we already carry an Apple Developer account for our own app, so we can use that for additional apps.  We could charge much more for what we are offering, but we want to make affordable apps available to everyone.

We will start building your app at no charge, and then you will pay the fee when we are ready to submit the apps to Google and Apple for publishing.

Because we are building your app first, before payment is made, in order to insure you are happy with the end result, after payment has been made, there will be no refunds for any reason.

We are not responsible if Google or Apple rejects the app for any reason based upon content.  We will work with you to adjust the content as needed to correct the rejection results to get the app published.

Android app – After payment has been made, the APK can be freely distributed to users or on your website to allow them to start using before publishing to Google Play.  Sorry iOS users, Apple doesn’t allow this function.

Push notifications – you will receive login credentials that will allow you to send push notifications from the dashboard.

Timeline will be based upon demand.  Our goal is to have apps built and ready for submission within 2 weeks.  Approval time once submitted to Google and/or Apple can be anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Live365 Users – it is your responsibility to determine if this app meets the requirements of your Live365 licensing.

We are NOT responsible for any content within your app.